2013-05-01 / Letters

Legislation would permit restricted driver’s license

The proposed New Jersey Senate Bill S-2427 would permit a restricted driver’s license for persons suspended for driving while intoxicated so they would to be able to drive to work.

The license would be used exclusively for traveling to and from the licensee’s place of employment or education when other transportation is not available, and for driving on the job where that is a condition of employment.

I testified in favor of the restricted driver’s license, as well as changes to the ignition interlock law, in order to permit persons who do not own a car to be able to get back a driver’s license.

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 12-0-1 in favor of S-2427. I support this bill because the proposed law is intended to mitigate the adverse effects of a suspension of driving privileges on certain persons who must drive motor vehicles to maintain their employment or to continue their education.

Persons who can maintain employment pay taxes and child support. Unemployed persons often become a drain on society. Forty-eight other states permit a restricted license. A car and license are essential for most taxpayers to get to work.

I urge voters to contact their legislators to support S-2427.

Kenneth Vercammen

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