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Residents appointed to boards


COLTS NECK — The Colts Neck Township Committee appointed a number of residents to sit on municipal boards, committees and commissions during the Jan. 5 reorganization meeting.

Residents who will heed the call to serve the township are as follows.

 Planning Board: Mayor Michael Fitzgerald, one year; Committeeman Thomas Orgo, one year; Frank Lecesse, one year; and Robert Lutkewitte, four years.

 Zoning Board of Adjustment: Edward Sobieski, four years; Albert Yodakis, four years; and Charles Karcher, (alternate member), two years.

 Environmental Commission: Vincent Domidion, three years; Mary Massey, three years; and David Kostka (chairman for 2013).

 Shade Tree Commission: Anita O’Malley, five years; and Jennifer Axelrod, five years.

 Emergency Management: Police Chief Kevin Sauter, (coordinator), three years; and Phillip Maida, (deputy coordinator), three years.

 Farmland and Open Space Committee: Richard Rehm, three years; and David Barclay, three years.

 Recreation Committee: Judith Laufer, three years; A.J. Garito, three years; Joseph Mancino, three years; Brian McNally, three years; Richard Rehm, three years; and James Valenti (chairman for 2013).

 Architectural Review Committee: Lillian G. Burry, three years; Harold Kilbride, three years; and Eric Oberer, three years.

 Historic Preservation Committee: Lillian G. Burry, three years; Cindy Feury, three years; Patricia Mitchel, three years; and Antoinette Morello, three years.

 Board of Health: Donna Flood, four years; and Marilyn Boak, (alternate), four years.

 Local Emergency Planning Committee: Albert Yodakis, three years.

Township Committee members voted to appoint the following professionals to municipal positions in 2013:

 Richard Thompson, municipal judge, three years.

 John O. Bennett III, township attorney and prosecutor.

 Carmine Villani, public defender.

 Raymond Raya, conflict public defender.

 Michael Steib, special counsel.

 Jaime Plosia, labor counsel.

 Dominick Manco, special counsel for affordable housing.

 Thomas A. Thomas, affordable housing planner.

 Dilworth Paxson LLC, bond counsel.

 Glenn Gerken, township engineer.

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