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Marlboro may try to relocate affordable homes to new site

MARLBORO — A 100 percent affordable housing development that had been proposed on Ticetown Road may be placed at a different location in Marlboro.

In a letter dated Oct. 29, attorney Kenneth Biedzynski, who represents Marlboro on issues related to affordable housing, informedMelissa Orsen, the chief counsel for the state Council On Affordable Housing (COAH), that Marlboro was planning to seek and locate a potentially suitable alternate site for the development.

The Ticetown Road site was included in the affordable housing plan that Marlboro officials submitted to COAH at the end of 2008.

Affordable housing is defined as housing that is sold or rented at below market rates to people whose income meets regional guidelines established by COAH. New Jersey municipalities have a statemandated obligation to provide opportunities for the development of affordable housing.

The 100 percent affordable housing development is expected to be built by the Ingerman Group. The plan submitted by Marlboro officials to COAH in 2008 placed the 176 affordable housing family rental units on the site of a former junkyard near Provincial Drive in the Morganville section of Marlboro. The proposed location is on the border of Marlboro and Old Bridge.

According to the letter, Biedzynski states that Marlboro is pursuing the effort to demonstrate its commitment to provide realistic opportunities for the development of affordable housing in the community.

A group of almost 400 angry residents attended a Township Council meeting in March to object to the placement of the 100 percent affordable housing development on Ticetown Road.

The residents subsequently formed the Concerned Citizens of Morganville and cited ground contamination and traffic issues as reasons why the development should not be placed on the proposed site.

In his letter to COAH, Biedzynski noted that if an alternate site is found, the township's fair share housing plan will be amended to include the Ingerman project at the new location.

The Ingerman project was one of several 100 percent affordable housing options put forth by Marlboro in its COAH plan. Some of the proposed housing developments that were included in the COAH plan contained a mix of affordable units and market rate units and were the end result of legal matters.

Under COAH's current regulations, Marlboro must plan for the addition of 1,673 affordable housing units in the municipality.

— Rebecca Morton

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