2009-09-09 / Letters

Town puts truckers' interests before residents

Residents who reside in the newly built condominiums on Woodward Road in Manalapan have complained about the heavy volume of truck traffic. In particular, they focused on safety and the unusually loud noise caused by truck compression brakes.

Other municipalities have dealt with this issue.

Millstone Township and Freehold Township have signs that limit or exclude access by such trucks to residential areas.

Manalapan's bias has favored the builders and those that serve their interest.

This bias of power to money was reflected in Mayor Richard Klauber's response, which expressed his concern about finding truckers other routes (if they could not cut through residential areas).

Time is money, particularly for pay by the load trucking, used to support construction; so short-cut routes are premium. This bias of money over safety has been the driver behind Manalapan's "hands-off" policy.

Manalapan Police Chief Stuart Brown's enforcement efforts, no matter how diligent, have been hamstrung by special interests reflected in Mayor Klauber's "hands-off" policy.

Delaying restrictions on truck access to residential areas, such as Woodward Road and Daum Road, is a consequence of a policy bias that ignores the health and safety of Manalapan's taxpayers. It is harmful to Manalapan and its residents.

Township Committeewoman Susan Cohen had it right when she said, "it's a policy issue," not enforcement related. She was the sole voice responsive to the interests of residents.

Residents of Manalapan, who care about their quality of life, need to act: vote out incumbent politicians, particularly those who favor special interests and don't treat voters with respect; and organize, let's get together and act in our own self-interest.

Manalapan is not a "bedroom" for a commute; it is our community. Let's take it back and elect more people like Susan Cohen who "answers to us."
Bruce Brickman

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