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Youngster set for debut on television soap opera


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Allie Gorenc
Allie Gorenc MANALAPAN - Like any other happy 10-year-old, Allie Gorenc loves her life - the family, friends and school life that are the stuff of happy childhood memories.

Unlike most other 10-year-olds though, Allie has captured lightning in a bottle to the delight of her supportive family and teacher. The youngster was recently cast in a recurring role in the CBS Television soap opera "As the World Turns," and the initial scenes she shot will air on Dec. 7

In her first professional acting gig, Allie will play the role of Sage Snyder, the 8-year-old daughter of characters Jack and Carly, played by Michael Park and Maura West, according to Allie's mom, Robin Gorenc.

Gorenc said that before being cast in her soap opera role, Allie, who is a singer, appeared in a community theater production. She played an orphan in the Spotlight Players' production of "Oliver" in nearby Aberdeen Township.

Gorenc said Allie already had an agent for her singing pursuits and it was he who called to say there was a TV role he wanted Allie to read for. She did, and was immediately cast in "As the World Turns," Gorenc said.

Allie, who is in the fifth grade at Lafayette Mills School, began shooting her scenes in October and her on-air debut will be Dec. 7.

Gorenc, who is a fifth-grade teacher in Marlboro, stays on top of Allie's educational priorities. She said that at the present time, Allie goes to Brooklyn, N.Y., about two days a week to shoot scenes for the show. She is accompanied by family friends or family members.

Gorenc said on days when Allie is at the studio, a tutor works with her on schoolwork that is provided by Stacy Weiss, her teacher at Lafayette Mills.

"She's a wonderful student," Weiss said. "She impresses me in that even with her busy schedule she manages to still do phenomenally well as a student and remain a wonderful little girl."

Weiss added, good-humoredly, "Maybe someday when she wins her Academy Award, she will remember her fifth-grade teacher."

Proud mother that she is, Gorenc echoed Weiss' assessment of her daughter.

Gorenc said Allie's brothers, Jonny, a junior at Manalapan High School, and Greg, a freshman at the Academy of Allied Health and Science, Neptune, along with her dad, Jim, an executive with the Limited Brands, have always doted on Allie because she has such a wonderful personality.

Gorenc said are all thrilled at this latest "career development."

"She's typically a shy kid," Gorenc said of a youngster who, she said, is blossoming with this new turn her life has taken.

Gorenc said the cast and crew members have been wonderful and have "taken Allie under their wing. She's just blossoming."

Allie acknowledged the fun she is having playing this role. She said she "loves doing it because it's lots of fun."

However, said her mom, with an observation she believes captures the essence of Allie's great attitude about this latest development and life itself, Allie is at heart just any other 10-year old girl who marvels at life and all its scary-good opportunities.

"She told me, 'If this acting thing doesn't work out, I can still be a preschool teacher,' " Gorenc said, adding that is what Allie had decided she wanted to be when she grew up - before show business came calling, that is.

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