2005-08-17 / Front Page

‘Average Joe’ returns for new reality show

Marlboro native Adam Mesh, who made his mark on NBC’s “Average Joe” and then starred on his own show “Average Joe: Adam Returns,” will take part in the “Battle of the Network Reality Stars.”

The show will debut at 9 p.m. Aug. 17 on Bravo and run for six weeks.

“Battle of the Network Reality Stars” will feature people who have appeared on television network reality shows.

Joining Mesh on “Battle of the Network Reality Stars” will be Richard Hatch of “Survivor,” Charla Faddoul of “The Amaz-ing Race,” Rachel Love-Fraser of “The Swan” and Omarosa of “The Apprentice.”

The reality show stars will be pitted against each other in a series of sporting events.

Since Mesh made his appearances on “Average Joe” and “Average Joe: Adam Returns,” he has been a guest on talk shows with Regis Philbin, Ellen DeGen-eres and Jay Leno.

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