2002-04-03 / Bulletin Board

Dancers dazzle at competition

The Gallery of Dance Dazzlers had a successful performance at the Star Systems Regional Competition held March 1-3 in Somerset. Dancers from the Freehold gallery competed in the categories of solo, duo, small groups and large groups.

For group routines, the Gallery of Dance took home six platinum awards, 17 high gold awards and seven gold awards. The following students performed in various group numbers: Cortney Adler, Jayme Adler, Kimberly Agbulos, Ashley Agbulos, Samantha Amaral, Nicolette Anselmin, Taryn Applebaum, Mallory Applebaum, Jenna Barbaruolo, Alyssa Barlis, Dana Besmanoff, Nicole Bolger, Jacqueline Bomba, Taylor Boulos, Samantha Budelman, Justine Capria, Lindsey Carrelha, Michelle Caruso, Jennifer Cordiner, Jaclyn Cortez and Nicki D’Agostino.

Also, Natalie Farah, Christina Farah, Lindsey Fierro, Alexandra Galante, Evelyn Gallo, Kimberly Gennaro, Alexandra Gennaro, Rachel Gogliormella, Brandon Gold, Kristina Grandelli, Samantha Greenberg, Shannon Halton, Lauren Halton, Brady Hohn, Sarah Karnowski, Sarah Kaye, Rebecca Klins-port, Ashlie Kneler, Valerie LaBarbera and Jessica Lauer, Katie Lauritsen, Matthew Lauritsen, Marianne Lucarelli, Michael McArthur, Nicole Meisner, Elise Meisner, Laura Migliore, Erin Miller and Sara Mintzer.

And, Rachael, Morales, Jessica Morales, Danielle Montondo, Nicole Napolitano, Mary Nosuchinsky, Katie Nowak, Ryan O’Grady, Kelsey Pattberg, Jenna Pattberg, Sarah Peterman, Lauren Pioppo, Lauren Piro, Lauren Pusz, Jennifer Rindt, Jillian Rindt, Jenna Schottlander, Jacqueline Sessa, Nathalie Shen, Laura Smolucha, Marina Smolucha, Courtney Struble, Maura Swisher, Jaclyn Tyndorf, Lauren Tyndorf, Jessica Vaccaro, Kristina Vaccaro, Alexandra Verescak, Alyssa Vigdor, Emily Wagner, Amara Warrington, Carly Wilden and Danielle Zuppe.

In the solo category, Jenna Pattberg of Freehold scored a platinum first place overall award on her dance, "Colorblind." Sara Kaye of Freehold scored a platinum second place overall award, and Jessica Vaccaro of Howell scored a platinum fourth place overall.

Nicole Meisner and Elise Meisner, of Manalapan, scored platinum first place overall for top teen duo on their routine, "Woman." Nicole and Elise also both scored a platinum second place overall in each of their age categories for their solo routines.

The following soloists scored a high gold award for their performance in the teen category: Mallory Applebaum, Justine Capria, Lindsey Carrelha, Jaclyn Cortez, Katie Lauritsen, Marianne Lucarelli, Brady Hohn, Jenna Pattberg, Jennifer Rindt and Nathalie Shen.

In the pre-teen category, Taylor Boulos, Michelle Caruso and Ashlie Kneler were awarded a high gold award. Taryn Applebaum and Lindsey Fierro received high gold scores for their solo routines in the 8-and-under age group.

The following performers scored a high gold for their duo-trio routines: Brandon Gold and Lauren Pusz, Christina Farah and Natalie Farah, Alexandra Galante and Jacqueline Sessa, Michelle Caruso and Carly Wilden, Nicole Bolger and Danielle Zuppe, Cortney Adler and Jayme Adler, Samantha Budelman, Nicole Napolitano, and Lauren Pioppo and Brandon Gold, Matthew Lauritsen and Michael McArthur.

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