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Schriefer to head police department

By dave benjamin

The Freehold Township Committee has selected Capt. Ernest Schriefer to be the police department’s next chief.

On the same night Schriefer was promoted to the department’s top position, Lt. George Etlinger was promoted to the rank of captain.

Mayor David Segal an-nounced the promotions on July 26 saying, "It is a great credit to our police department to see our officers come up through the ranks and continue their leadership role in the department and the community."

Schriefer and Etlinger will take their new positions on Dec. 1. Schriefer will take over command of the department from Chief William Alexander, who is retiring.

Schriefer is presently second in command of the police department, and he oversees all divisions and bureaus. He began his career with the township in September 1980.

He was promoted to sergeant in January 1988, to lieutenant in November 1995, and to captain in October 1998.

Schriefer is a state certified instructor on staff at the Mon-mouth County Police Academy, Freehold Township. He is a Marine Corps veteran who has received six department commendations.

Members of Schriefer’s family have a long record of careers as police officers. His grandfather, Ernest F. Schriefer, retired after 43 years as a precinct lieutenant from the Jersey City Police Department. His father, Ernest H. Schriefer, retired after 30 years of service as a homicide detective, also from the Jersey City Police Department, and his brother, Lt. Kurt Schriefer, is a member of the Freehold Town-ship Police Department.

Schriefer and his wife, Janine, have three children, Lauren, 14; Kaitlyn, 11; and Michael, 9.

The new chief is an avid sports fan and has coached Little League baseball, recreation basketball and Pop Warner football.

"This is a well-earned and well-deserved promotion," Segal said.

Etlinger, who will be promoted to captain, has been a township police officer for 23 years and a Freehold Township resident for 22 years. He was promoted to sergeant in July 1991 and to lieutenant in November 1995.

Etlinger was one of the first members of the department’s traffic bureau, which was under the command, at that time, of then-Sgt. William Alexander, who is now the chief.

For the past 15 years, Etlinger has been an instructor at the Monmouth County Police Academy. He has been an instructor for 17 years at Freehold Township High School, teaching health classes on driving while intoxicated awareness and narcotics abuse.

The lieutenant presently oversees the police records and services department along with the communications department. He has received several department commendations throughout his years of service.

Etlinger and his wife, Sandra, have three children, Frank, 13, Gina Marie, 9, and Michael, 6.

"I’m so proud of you guys," said Committeewoman Dorothy Avallone. "To see both Ernie and George move up the ranks is gratifying."

Committeeman David Salkin added, "These two guys have worked their way up the ladder with hard work and dedication to the police department and the township. We’re very sorry to see Chief Alexander go, but the next guys in line are the stars of the future. I give you my heartfelt congratulations."

Deputy Mayor Ray Kershaw added, "Ernie, you have a size 20 pair of shoes you’re going to have to fill out there. So, we wish you good luck."

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